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Gary Ham's vinyl "Toy Titans Toytem"

Back in April of 2011, artist Gary Ham revealed in full a rad new wooden Toytem for his "The Triplets of Clutterville" show, which happened at Clutter! The figure we saw was cel-vinyl painted on a wood base, similar to his first Toytem that eventually released as a vinyl production piece... well, same goes for this one... and we have great news!!! With the guidance of Gary, the "Toy Titans Toytem" is ready to be released!!! Incorporating the mascots of: Dragatomi, Lulubell Toys, Clutter, Rotofugi, and our very own "Stroll" mascot, this fully interchangeable and stackable vinyl figure is quite fantastic, and the Titan's Toytem can be combined and interchanged with Gary's previous "Monster Toytem". 300 Toytems were produced in just the one color way. There will be no other color ways or future editions. This is it, so grab it while you can and help support those that keep the scene going strong. These are slated to release next Friday, December 20th via all the parties involved webstores, and we all have limited quantities... so support those who support the scene!

This Toytem can also be purchased at the following 5 stores only: