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SpankyStokes x Tim Wollweber x Play Dead Toys - Dcon 2014 exclusive "ONYX" edition Micro Monsters!!!

When asked if we wanted an exclusive run of Tim Wollweber's amazing resin "Micro Monsters" to release during Dcon 2014... we didn't even hesitate to say yes! Sculpted by Tim, and cast up in resin by Play Dead Toys, there will be 3 sets of 6 figures (see all 6 figures HERE) up for grabs during Dcon via the SpankyStokes booth #518. Two of those sets will retail for $200 a pop, and you get all six figures included in this, which by the way are: Count Moorlok the vampire - The Mad Doctor's Creation -The Werewolf - The Pharaoh Arisen -Dapper Mr Death - Mer-creature from the Dark Depths. The last set of six figures will be split up and sold individually at just $45 a piece... these are so cool!!! Be sure to swing by booth #518 to pick these up!!!